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5 axis CNC milling machine  

5 axis CNC milling machine features ATT machines

4 axis CNC milling machine features ATT machines

  • Advantages of the 3 axis machining are:

  • 4 axis by means of simple curved surfaces (eg, cylinder wall), the marószár at right angles to each felületpontra involved in the machining.

  • Shorter working time is a perception in parts készremunkálása result. The inconsistencies in the Sweep of positioning errors.

  • The tool or the component is a result of shorter pitch szerszámbefogás can be applied, which may further improve the surface characteristics eliminate the need for additional concepts.

  • There is also a complex készremunkálására components testmodell as they previously only could be produced by casting. This is specifically beneficial in small-series production of the prototype case.




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