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5 axis CNC milling machine  

5 axis CNC milling machine features ATT machines


CNC processing


2008 - the year, among other things, is our commitment to our customers' orders for milling, the following topics:

  • Doors, furniture, working art-surface

  • Engraving flat and curved surfaces, 2-3D characters milling

  • Kontúrmarás, cut, models

  • Signs, signs, pattern, template, sculpture surface milling, digitization (scanning cnc)

  • Preparation of digitized stock CAD model (reverse engineering)!

  • Any CAD software elkészítetett 2 and 3 dimensional models kimunkálását

Machinable materials: - Non-ferrous metal, plastic, wood, glass, stone, etc..


Foam cutting:

Calcined-vibrating fiber technology company in 2500 mm lenght of wire (working width) 3 m length and a height of 1 meter foam materials cutting. (Of course, sticking more work is available.)



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